We help employees and leaders answer the most common questions and concerns about diversity, inclusion, and equality in a safe learning environment.

Diversity & Inclusion Training and Development

Equip employees and leaders with the essential knowledge, tools and resources to create an inclusive and highly engaged workplace culture.

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Cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf programs aren't our style. Utilizing adult learning principles, we tailor our diversity and inclusion training programs to leverage organizational strengths and address competency gaps. Our number one goal is providing our clients with versatile and pragmatic solutions that deliver long-term results.

ERG Academy

This Master Class sets new ERG Leaders and Executive Sponsors on the right path through comprehensive training and coaching. Topics include inclusive leadership principles, ERG strategic planning and operational best practices.

Cultural Intelligence

Go beyond Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through a rich learning experience that helps employees and leaders understand the components of culture and how to recognize and manage unconscious bias.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Learn the art and science of inclusive communication skills. Empower employees at all levels to engage diverse audiences and navigate potentially sensitive conversations through role playing exercises and a challenging case study.

"Kelley did a great job engaging us and keeping us on task which is no easy feat. I could tell everyone in the room, particularly members of senior management, were impressed with the quality of the product, method of delivery, and the level of professionalism."

Chief Information Officer

We help organizations start strong and sustain the momentum.

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