Participate in our research about faith in the workplace.

Faith in the Workplace

Faith in the workplace is a career aspect that is often overlooked by employees and employers.


While many leading organizations are putting significant effort into addressing diversity, inclusion and equity gaps related to gender, race, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation, very few are venturing into what we believe is the next frontier for inclusion: Faith in the Workplace.


We are addressing this important topic in three primary ways.


Faith & Career Study

We launched the Faith & Career study to better understand the opportunities and challenges of faith in the workplace, and we invite everyone from all religious and non-religious backgrounds to participate in this 4-minute survey.

Purpose-Driven Leadership

For leaders who desire work to be meaningful, EMERGE! is an insightful and practical guide for purpose-driven women who want to impact the top line, bottom line and heaven's line.


Business. Spirit. Life.

What was originally, "just a podcast," has now become an online community and an important voice in the faith and work movement. Cubicles & Christ offers insight and perspective about how to be spiritually authentic in every area of life: work, home and play.

We believe spirit is the one thing we all have in common, and yet it's the one topic we discuss the least. Even a purely scientific view reveals that we are far more alike than we are different. According to the Smithsonian Institute, the genetic difference between individual humans is roughly 0.1%.


While there is much work to be done to inclusively and respectfully integrate faith into the workplace, we believe there are benefits to doing so.


Our Faith & Career Study seeks to understand the goals and objectives of employees who desire to be spiritually authentic at work, and how employers can further cultivate inclusive environments that respect religion.


We invite all perspectives to participate in our survey.


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