The Wall St Journal Taps KJE for Views On D&I Leadership

Demand for Chief Diversity Officers Is High. So Is Turnover.

Frustrated by talk but little action and a lack of resources, many diversity executives find themselves rotating through C-suites

By Chip Cutter and Lauren Weber

intentional solutions

proven expertise with integrity yields results...let us show you how

We Believe in Strategy with Intent.


Perpetually focused on integrating talent strategies to achieve desired outcomes, KJE offers clients versatile and pragmatic solutions, whether on an individual executive coaching basis or a full-scale Diversity and Inclusion strategic initiative.


With expertise across multiple industry sectors, we believe in a truly collaborative partnership with our clients to understand their needs and drive sustainable performance.


We don't spend time on platitudes and hypotheses. Our expertise and results are proven. 


Real-Time and Sustainable Solutions

The genesis of the firm, our Diversity and Inclusion know-how is proven, purposeful and rooted in sound business principles. Strategy design is where we thrive, and we have the chops to execute too.

Our team of certified leadership coaches have highly respected credentials and diverse professional backgrounds to support the growth, development and high performance of current and future leaders.


We have engaged literally thousands of audience members from small workshops to full-day conferences. We deliver custom learning, development and motivational content that is exceptionally designed and tailored to your objectives.

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